Our Warranty

McAtehow_it_works_1er Painting provides a warranty for labor and material for a period of two years from completion of job. If paint failure appears as a result of defective workmanship, we will supply labor and materials to repair the problem. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. This warranty protects homeowners against defects in workmanship. Defects include peeling, blistering, chipping and other defects directly related to human error in the painting application.
This warranty excludes:
• Painting where the client supplies the paint and material
• Painting where the client performs any part of the labor
• Areas caused by previous coating failure, water damage, moisture damage, or ground contact damage
• Horizontal painted or stained surfaces on exteriors (i.e. decks, deck surfaces like tops of railings, stairs, and porch floors)
• Chipped or cracked paint due to abuse or “wear and tear”
• Acts of God (i.e. earthquakes and storm damage)
• Rotted or previously partially rotted wood
• Cracks or nail pops in drywall, plaster or wood that were not included in original estimate
This warranty is transferable.